[mythtv-users] Transfer recordings from one backend to another

Aaron Klein klein.aaron at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 16:46:11 UTC 2011

I have a primary and a secondary back end.  I want to re associate all
the recordings that where recorded on the secondary back end to the
primary.  Both back ends record to a central network share on a third
system.  I no longer have a need for the secondary back end and I want
to convert it from an always on back end to a on when in use front end

Its my understanding even though the recordings are on a central
location if the back end the recordings where recorded on is off there
will be difficulty in playback.  I assume there must be a pointer in
the database pointing to the original back end that recorded it.  Is
there a way to re associate the recordings to the primary back end
which will stay in operation?

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