[mythtv-users] HD HomeRun Prime only tuners 0 and 1 show up

Aaron Klein klein.aaron at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 00:45:27 UTC 2011

I just got my HD Home Run Prime and I have been able to configure it
using the following directions for .24 fixes

Under listings status of mythtv I have the following version
fixes/0.24 (v0.24-243-g9ba3ece) so I thought I was using the correct
version that was being referenced in the wiki article.  The article
talks about manually editing the entry but it didnt go into detail on
how to do that.

I was able to configure tuners 0 and 1 but tuner 2 was not an option
to select and I could not enter 2 for the tuner field.  Those who have
gotten their HDHR prime setup if you could provide advice on how to
get the third tuner configured I would be very grateful.

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