[mythtv-users] 2010 Mac Mini front end

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Wed Nov 9 00:09:18 UTC 2011

On 09/11/2011, at 2:22 AM, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:

>>>> I have an intel-based mac mini which I've been using as a FE. ?Any plans for the
>>>> osx build to someday support VDPAU or am I dreaming?
>>> Install Linux onto it instead of OS/X,
>>> and then you can use VDPAU etc.
>> Ok, my mac mini 4,1 or mid-2010 mac mini now dual boots into Oneiric...
>> I get these dreaded lines:
>> 2011-11-04 23:02:53.802232 E ?VDPAU: Error at mythrender_vdpau.cpp:574
>> (#23, The system does not have enough resources to complete the
>> requested operation at this time.)
>> 2011-11-04 23:02:53.802246 E ?VDPAU: Failed to create output surface.
>> 2011-11-04 23:02:53.802252 E ?VDPAU: No presentation surfaces
>> 2011-11-04 23:02:53.802258 E ?VDPAU: Failed to create VDPAU render device.
>> 2011-11-04 23:02:53.802272 E ?VidOutVDPAU: Failed to initialise VDPAU
>> and I've been reading that it's cause my mini is allocating 256megs
>> for video ram. ?Any way to change this?
>> Or will it allocate more video ram if I increase my system memory?
>> It's got the standard 2GB on it currently,
>> but if solving my issues involves buying more ram, then I'm willing to
>> go for it.
>> Thanks
> Does anyone here have a working 2010 mac mini that they use for vdpau
> playback under linux?  Please chime in as I'm losing hope here...  Not
> sure what I'm missing to get proper vdpau playback working under
> linux.  I'm running a recently installed copy of ubuntu 11.10
> (oneiric), and I built master from git about 6 days ago.

OT but very relevant
What do you do to stop the mini becoming a toaster. OSX uses sleep and full speed to stay cool. Mine throttled (11.04) to 1.6 but ran HOT.
My friendly apple tech says they burn out when left even at 1.6
[I use the mini as a FE only under OSX as a result (of the heating). I see no change with VDPAU, I assume the CPU can cope] 

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