[mythtv-users] Control HDMI output to switch TV on/off

Ken Truesdale kat at tiac.net
Tue Nov 8 19:18:58 UTC 2011

>> I wonder if the TV turning itself 'off' could be a setting *on the TV*.
> I think it is.
> The OP had a concern that the ION was sending a blank image (as
> opposed to 'no-signal') when the mythbox was DPMS blanked.  I don't
> think that is the case.

I have an LG TV and a Panasonic TV hooked up to an HDMI switch.  When MythTV screen blanks (Mythbuntu 11.04), I continue to get a signal on both TVs that is mostly black and neither TV will go standby on its own because they both think there's a real signal coming in.  If I power down the MythTV box, then they both show the "no signal" and the LG (which is newer) will eventually power down on its own.  

I also have a Comcast Cable box hooked up to the same two TVs through the switch but that never truly blanks the screen and just bounces the logo around the screen.  (At least the Comcast screen saver is now filling up the whole 16:9 screen which it didn't use to!)  So I can't report whether it works with another device.  

I suppose it is possible that there's something about the switch that is foiling some attempt to let the TV know the screen is blank.  I've thought about temporarily changing the setup to get just one TV hooked in and testing the screen saving with no splitter but have never gotten around to it.  But I think it is more likely that it is something about the Mythbuntu way of blanking the screen vs. other possible installs of MythTV.  


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