[mythtv-users] A bit of a re-post. Mythwelcome does not shut down my system

Simon Levitt maillists at whattf.com
Sun Nov 6 14:06:02 UTC 2011


On 05/11/11 11:12, Jan Johansson wrote:
> About a month back (not sure of the exact revision) my system stopped
> shutting itself down. Mythwelcome states “The system is idle”, but there
> is no countdown to shut down. I am at a loss as to why really.
> Mythshutdown seem to state “OK to shut down”.
I've also recently updated and encountered exactly the same issue. 
Today, after spending the week trying different settings with EIT etc. 
to no avail, I sat down and worked my way through the issue.

Basically, and perhaps somewhat ironically, it is mythwelcome that is at 
fault. At start-up one of its connections is announcing itself as 
'Playback' which blocks the shutdown.

It doesn't appear to be anything in programs/mythwelcome/ itself (that 
just connects as 'Monitor'; and will correcly do just that if the 
backend is restarted underneath it).

So I can only assume it something in the shared routines it is using at 
start-up (Haven't looked into that). I've worked around the issue with 
just putting a very early call to ConnectToMasterServer in 

Attached are some diffs: the ConnectToMasterServer hack, and some 
alterations to/additional logging from the idle checking routines that 
made it easier for me to see part of what was going on.

It is early days, but from what I can now see in the logs - My box 
should now start shutting itself down again...

Hope that's of use to someone..

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