[mythtv-users] Setting up HDhomerun with XMLTV

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Sat Nov 5 11:53:12 UTC 2011

Op 2-11-2011 23:59, Raymond Wagner schreef:
> On 11/2/2011 18:46, Raymond Wagner wrote:
>> On 11/2/2011 18:41, Jos Hoekstra wrote:
>>> Can I use that same listing for another DVB-C
>>> card(built-in) as well or do I need to copy this
>>> for that card as well?
>> That is semantically not possible, as the HDHomeRun is not a DVB-C card
>> for there to possibly be 'another DVB-C card' you want to use it in
>> combination with.  The HDHomeRun does DVB-T, meaning an antenna.  You
>> are not going to be receiving the exact same channels on both broadcast
>> and cable, such that you could use the same lineup for both.  You will
>> need to give each their own video source, and perform a scan on both,
>> followed by populating the scanned channels with XMLTV IDs.
> Seems I've been corrected and the HDHomeRun does do DVB-C.  In that
> case, yes, you can share a single source between it and other DVB-C
> tuner cards.

This seems to work now with 2 HDHR3-EU and an DVBC-card, digital 
switchover seems complete.
Now I got some channels which aren't in the XMLTV but are available to 
me via the HDHR, tips in the past suggest me I can't just enable 
eit-crawling for this source. How can I get the data which is available 
in the EIT in the database?



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