[mythtv-users] The Heidi Game: Why TV stays on the sports program

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Wed Nov 2 17:39:30 UTC 2011

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Jim Berwick <jim at jamesberwick.com> wrote:

> I've almost never seen the allotted time for NHL, NFL, or MLB cover
> the entire game and a post game wrap up.  NFL games usually run long
> enough that the last few minutes of the 1PM game is in the 4PM game's
> recording.  I don't watch a lot of baseball but every night there's a
> game on Fox or some other channel I record a lot of I miss an entire
> recording or more of the Simpsons or during MLB playoffs Conan on TBS.
>  NHL games are timed perfectly so that after a 2.5 hour recording you
> can miss the last 3-5 minutes of every single game.

I am not sure about TSN or RSN but the Hockey Night in Canada on CBC always
schedules 3 hours for their NHL games, which is more than enough to cover
the game and a regular season overtime/shootout and they then fill the rest
of the time with post game coverage.  Since there is a 3 hour time
difference between Eastern and Pacific timezones, they can (and do) show 2
games back to back.  If they show a third (afternoon) game, they tell the
NHL to have it start at 3:00pm (Eastern) so they can break for a 30 min
news cast at 6:00pm and then have a 30 min pre-game show at 6:30.

Of course come playoff time, if the game goes to overtime, they need to
start pre-empting other programs as they keep playing 20 min (game time)
periods (with full 15 minute intermissions between them) until someone
scores.  These periods go a bit faster though as there are no commercial
timeouts (only a brief pause about half way through the period to shovel
the goal creases).
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