[mythtv-users] epgdata.com and map channels (sid/nid/tid) to xmltvid

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 22:49:59 UTC 2011

On 1 November 2011 13:41, Markus Schulz <msc at antzsystem.de> wrote:

> Are there any progress on this topic?
> Or more complete xml files in the above format? (then i can use my xslt
> script to transform the sample xml to update-sql-statements.)

I've developed a proof of concept utility (for the tv_grab_uk_rt
grabber) and XML Schema for precisely this purpose. There are a few
proposals on the XMLTV wiki, but the main "lineups" conversation
thread is on the xmltv-dev list (and which is the best place to
discuss this topic).

I've just finished my MSc studies so will be picking this project up
again shortly. There was an active thread some months ago regarding
the Schema and how developers and users might want data to be
provided, but I've not seen any further discussion.

Note that each grabber author (or contributor) will need to maintain
mappings of nid/tid/sid -> xmltvid for all channels available through
their grabber which in itself may be no small task, especially if
nids/tids/sids vary across the country served by the grabber (as they
do for DVB-T in the UK).


Nick Morrott

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