[mythtv-users] Schema upgrade from 0.21->0.24_fixes hangs

Josh Mastronarde jmastron at gmail.com
Mon May 30 02:49:58 UTC 2011

Now that the TV season is over, I have a window to upgrade our Fedora
11/Myth 0.21 box to F15/0.24, compiled from git fixes/0.24 branch.

1)  On old setup, ran "mythconverg_backup.pl"
2)  On new setup, ran "mysql -u root < mc.sql"
3)  On new setup, ran "mythconver_restore.pl"
4)  Ran mythtv-setup, selected "Upgrade" on 2 screens, then it sat
with a blank screen
5)  Killed that after an hour of no activity, and ran mythbackend to
see if it would make a difference.

It seems to be hanging on the first conversion (to schema 1216); logs
and version info are below.  Any idea where to start?  Is there
another logging option I should use?  When I didn't restore the
database, I did get into the real mythtv-setup screens.  My next try
will be a partial restore, but I understand to do that right I need to
go to the old installation and save/clear database/partial restore
there first, then take that full image to the new installation.

Log of mythbackend --verbose general,important,extra:

2011-05-29 18:36:24.422 mythbackend version: fixes/0.24
[v0.24.1-4-gc321ee6] www.mythtv.org
2011-05-29 18:36:24.422 Using runtime prefix = /usr/local
2011-05-29 18:36:24.422 Using configuration directory = /home/mythtv/.mythtv
2011-05-29 18:36:24.423 Empty LocalHostName.
2011-05-29 18:36:24.430 New DB connection, total: 1
2011-05-29 18:36:24.435 Closing DB connection named 'DBManager0'
2011-05-29 18:36:24.442 MythTV database schema is old. Waiting to see
if DB is being upgraded.
2011-05-29 18:36:25.442 New DB connection, total: 2
2011-05-29 18:36:29.452 Timed out waiting.
2011-05-29 18:36:29.459 Backing up database with script:
2011-05-29 18:36:37.166 Database Backup complete.
2011-05-29 18:36:37.189 Backed up database to file:
2011-05-29 18:36:37.198 Upgrading.
2011-05-29 18:36:37.198 Newest MythTV Schema Version : 1264
2011-05-29 18:36:59.296 New DB connection, total: 3
2011-05-29 18:36:59.296 Upgrading to MythTV schema version 1216

Output of mythbackend --version:

Please attach all output as a file in bug reports.
MythTV Version   : v0.24.1-4-gc321ee6
MythTV Branch    : fixes/0.24
Network Protocol : 63
Library API      : 0.24.20110505-1
QT Version       : 4.7.2
Options compiled in:
 linux release using_alsa using_jack using_oss using_pulse
using_pulseoutput using_backend using_bindings_perl
using_bindings_python using_dvb using_firewire using_frontend
using_hdhomerun using_iptv using_joystick_menu using_lirc using_mheg
using_opengl_video using_opengl_vsync using_qtdbus using_qtwebkit
using_x11 using_xrandr using_xv using_xvmc using_xvmc_vld using_xvmcw
using_bindings_perl using_bindings_python using_mythtranscode
using_opengl using_vdpau using_ffmpeg_threads using_live using_mheg



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