[mythtv-users] ALSA proc files and permissions

Andrew Stadt acstadt at stadt.ca
Wed May 25 15:17:56 UTC 2011

On 25/05/2011 11:10 AM, Tom Lichti wrote:
> On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 10:34 AM, Andrew Stadt<acstadt at stadt.ca>  wrote:
>> On 25/05/2011 9:49 AM, Wayne Thomas wrote:
>>> Check that the user you are trying to run mythtv as is a member of the
>>> audio group.  You can check using the command "grep audio /etc/group".
>>>   If the user isn't listed, you've found your problem.  Add them to the
>>> group using the usermod command (i.e. "usermod -a -G audio username",
>>> replace username with the appropriate name).
>>> Ciao
>> FWIW, on my system everything under /proc/asound belongs to root:root,
>> therefore  making sure the user running mythtv was in the audio group
>> didn't help.  My personal solution was to add a command to a command the
>> local start up scripts to (a) change the ownership of that particular
>> file to root:audio, (b) chmod to 664 and (c) echo 192 into it.
> Me too, on Fedora 13. Adding the user to audio did nothing until I did
> the chown/chmod.
> Tom
 From some of the references I've read, I'd actually expect that 
/proc/asound (and everything under it) should belong to the 'audio' 
group, but none of the systems in my house actually do that, and for the 
life of me I can't seem to figure out how to change that behavior.  
Probably something really silly that JYA is going to point out and I'm 
going to feel completely stupid, but I'm used to that by now :-).


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