[mythtv-users] new HDMI cable give no display

Ken Truesdale kat at tiac.net
Tue May 24 16:21:06 UTC 2011

On May 24, 2011, at 12:07 PM, Tim Draper wrote:

> upto now i've been using an unknown HDMI cable (came with sky+HD box, which i've now sold). i've had to buy a new HDMI cable  to go with my mythtv setup.
> the local shop had 2 types, so i went for the more expensive HDMI 1.4 specced cable.
> now when mythtv boots, i either get no display (with the tv switching between wide and 16:9 ratio), or a load of snow over the screen (like an untuned analogue tv signal).
> i reboot the mythtv pc, and it shows a picture fine at bios level, just not once mythbuntu starts booting.
> i've been able to get into mythbuntu 'safe mode', enter safe graphics mode, and re-configure the display. reboot as requested, but still no display once mythbuntu starts to load.
> annoying.
> but whats even more annoying, is the cable works perfect with my HDMI laptop (intel HD graphics) at 1080p.
> since i bought 2 of the same cable, i try both; they both exhibit the same issue with mythbuntu. 
> mythbuntu setup:
> nvidia 210 gfx
> mythbuntu 0.24
> any ideas how i can fix this? i know it's a bit overkill, but i COULD rebuild it from scratch if it came to it. i'm not very good with linux - i can get my way around and usually understand what im doing when i follow a guide, but not actually diagnosing issues.
> oh, SSH and VNC works fine and mythtv seems to be fully working (hdd activity when i use the controller to go around the menus), just im getting no display..

So MythTV used to work with your TV with the old cable and doesn't with the new cable?  Is it possible that the old cable wasn't setting up a good connection to the Myth box and the video display was taking a guess.  Now you can get a good EDID through the new cable and your Myth box doesn't have the right drivers?  If so, then it is just a matter of debugging why your Myth box doesn't like your TV now that it knows what it is.  

The alternative is that the cable isn't working with your setup which seems easy enough to check by returning one of the two cables you got and trying the other kind that was offered.  


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