[mythtv-users] Current state of internet radio streams in MythTV

Josu Lazkano josu.lazkano at gmail.com
Sat May 21 07:37:42 UTC 2011

2011/5/21 Martin G <ebisumartin at gmail.com>:
> MythTV Users,
> I'm using Mythbuntu 11.04, and one feature that is completely lacking is
> internet music and radio streams.
> At least, as far as I know.
> I searched on Google, and found this:
> http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~moongies/streamtuned.html
> However, it looks like it has not been developed for a year, and there is no
> .deb package to install. Because I value living my life and not chasing down
> obscure error code and configuration settings, I am never building something
> from a tarball or source again for the rest of my life, so that's out.
> Some searches seemed to indicate people were using Banshee, but I couldn't
> quite see how that would integrate with MythTV.
> What is the current and best option, if any, for internet music streaming
> for MythTV? There used to be a feature that connected to Shoutcast so you
> could browse by genre and bookmark streams.
> I'd like to be able to do that by remote control (Hauppauge PVR-150).
> Possible? Doable?
> Any advice would be much appreciated.
> --
> Dave M G
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Hello Dave, I am using it, thanks to Marillat (debian-repository.org)
we have this package

It will be great to get some themes for it. I am trying to modify this
plugin to add peercast on it.


Josu Lazkano

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