[mythtv-users] OT: DVB-T2 projects UK based

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Thu May 12 10:25:21 UTC 2011

> I would give priority to using the roof aerial, unless you're in the
> same postcode as Crystal Palace.  Your other box should have good
> starting transport parameters, and setup has a 'look for other
> transports' setting.  Good luck.

I'm not in the same postcode, probably 6 miles or so from the
transmitter, and  I've just noticed that the HD multiplex is quite low

So I plugged into the roof aerial and rescanned ...

Curiously this scan didn't find any of the previously found DVB
channels, but it did find four new ones.

Channel 4 HD


I grabbed some listing data for BBC One HD and scheduled a recording.

On the frontend, the recording showed as "Tuning" for a long time, but
this time when I looked, a recording file was being created.

After about 45s the frontend status changed from "Tuning" to "Recording".

I stopped the recording after about 10 minutes, copied the recorded
file to my desktop computer and played it back using VLC.  Sound and
picture looked great.

I haven't tried the other channels yet not simultaneouse recordings,
but it's looking pretty good so far.  Now I need to get a HD MythTV
frontend working and that'll be my trigger to go out and buy an HD

Many thanks to Steve Kerrison and Antti Palosaari for their work on the driver.

For the record

I'm running a Zotac ION motherboard running Fedora FC14 and using
MythTV 0.24 Fixes compiled from source
cxd2820r driver from git on 9th May 2011

I did try the V4L option on the mythtv-setup card installation and it
didn't work.  Card installed OK but later on I wasn't able to create
an input connection to it.

I didn't change any of the default tuning parameters in the card setup.

and thanks for the help offered on this list.

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