[mythtv-users] MythVideo DVD playback fault tolerance

Adam Jimerson vendion at gmail.com
Wed May 11 10:19:42 UTC 2011

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Chris Jewell wrote:
> On 11 May 2011, at 03:23, Ronald Frazier wrote:
>> On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 4:13 PM, Scott Alfter <scott at alfter.us> wrote:
>>> On 5/7/2011 05:01, Chris Jewell wrote:
>>>> I have compared this . . .with VLC (running on the mythbuntu box) which
>>>> appears simply to skip a frame and carry on.
>>> I don't think you can rule out hardware.  I'm assuming that you're using
>>> different drives with your MythTV box and your Mac; what happens if you plug
>>> your MythTV box's optical drive into your Mac and play a disc from there (or
>>> the other way around: plug your Mac's optical drive into your MythTV box)?
>>> It's possible that one drive is less tolerant of scratches and other defects
>>> than the other.
>> I think that was his point of mentioning the VLC test. VLC handles it
>> perfectly fine, with just a small skip.
> Indeed the point.  Thanks for the info, Ron.  The trouble is, I can't easily pull the DVD drive out of my Mac, or plug the MythTV box drive into my Mac.  Googling around, I see quite a few instances of people using a Sony BC-5500H-01 drive with Linux.
> The only related post I ahve seen was this: http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-dev/2008-March/061206.html with no follow ups.  Seems odd?
> Cheers,
> Chris

I have the same problem with DVD playback but where MythTV fails VLC on
the same machine works with only minor glitches or where VLC dropped the
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