[mythtv-users] One show keeps going to descriptive audio in English AC3 2ch

Ian Evans dheianevans at gmail.com
Fri May 6 07:43:16 UTC 2011

I'm recording "The Big Bang Theory" of the CTV network in Toronto. OTA
via an HDHR3.

Each time I've gone to watch the show it starts off with descriptive video.

When I look at the audio options in the playback menu, there's:

1: undetermined AC3 5.1ch
2: English AC3 2ch

2 is chose. When I switch to undetermined AC3 5.1ch the descriptive audio stops.

I haven't noticed this issue with any other shows recorded on this
channel. Is there any way to set a default so it always starts with
undetermined AC3 5.1ch?


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