[mythtv-users] How MythTV Works / Custom Front End

Benn Cass (STAFF) BennCass at leggott.ac.uk
Tue May 3 14:38:02 UTC 2011

All I am after is a way to insert a sql statement from a php website
such as...

INSERT INTO table (starttime,startdate,endtime,enddate,title,station)
VALUES ('15:35:00', '2011-05-03', '16:00:00','2011-05-03', 'Prank Patrol
Down Under: Muscle', 'BBC ONE')

But I am unsure of which table stores the "upcoming recordings".


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On 5/3/2011 05:17, Benn Cass (STAFF) wrote:
> Does mythTV use a database to start recordings off?

That depends on what you mean by a recording.  If you want to spawn a
recording directly, as in a LiveTV session, that is done entirely over
the backend protocol.  If you want to add a rule to the scheduler, you
must add the rule manually to the database, and then use the backend
protocol to force the scheduler to rerun.

> So can I just to an insert sql statement into a database table?

That depends on your language of choice.  If you're running perl,
python, or php, we have loadable bindings that can be used to interface
with the backend and database.  If they don't support a method you want,
feel free to add it and submit a patch upstream.  There is also a fairly
recent set of ruby bindings on github, and an outdated set of java
bindings on sourceforge.
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