[mythtv-users] HDHR and Cablecard

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Mon May 2 15:56:07 UTC 2011

> So that leads me to a secondary question.  ISTR reading that one card can
> only decrypt three streams at a time.

Actually, a single cablecard can handle up to 6 streams at a time
(Ceton is supposed to be releasing a 6 tuner card for the OEM market
sometime in the future). However, the way the 6-tuner HDHR-Prime works
is that it is essentially 2 of the 3-tuner models put into the same
case and sharing the same power supply. However, other than that, I
believe they are separate (meaning you will have 2 coax connectors and
2 ethernet connections, and you will need to hook up both in order to
access all 6 tuners. Essentially, it's just a more convenient way to
have 2 Primes without taking up as much space (I'm sure it's probably
slightly smaller than twice the size of the regular prime) or having
to use 2 sockets on your power strip.

> Does that mean Transport Streams?  IE: Assuming proper channel layout, is
> it theoretically possible to record 12 encrypted channels off of 3 muxes,
> using only that one tuner and CC?

No, I'm almost positive that the cablecard spec doesn't support that
type of thing. So 1 stream = 1 tuner = 1 channel recorded.

> Secondarily, does this imply that the 6-channel tuner will have 2 slots?


Ron Frazier

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