[mythtv-users] TBS6981 & Freesat (UK)

John reidjr at lineone.net
Thu Mar 31 16:29:56 UTC 2011

On 30/03/11 14:41, David Cushing wrote:
> I'm trying to set up Myth with a TBS6981 DVB-S2 twin tuner card, which 
> appears to be working... drivers are all compiled and installed.
> Myth runs through the scanning procedure, but does not appear to save 
> any of the found channels anywhere.  If I go to the Channel Editor, 
> there is nothing there.  Any tips?
> Also, whilst scanning, I get messages such as "Frequency xxx, Timed 
> out, xx possible channels"... so I'm guessing all is not going as well 
> as it could?
> So far I've been following the instructions at 
> http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_freesat.php, which have been kind of a 
> godsend... but I've got no idea what is going wrong.
> I actually can't believe the whole set-up seems to be such of a 
> rigmarole. Surely there must be a better way of doing this?  If 
> Windows Media Centre offers pretty much plug'n'play operation, why is 
> it so confusing setting up Myth?  Presumably everyone in the UK who is 
> using a DVB-S card to tune into freesat channels will have largely the 
> same settings?  Any variance might come from differing DVB cards, but 
> then presumably, that could be handled with a bespoke config for each 
> device, allowing the tuning (etc) to remain the same?
> It's getting rather frustrating, seeing as it takes 10-15 mins for 
> each scan - and I've done it 4-5 times now... grr!
> Any help or insight would be gratefully received.
> Thanks
> D.
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Using exactly that card ( with one LNB pointed at Freesat)  Only tricky 
non-standard bit was having to compile th edrivers yourself, which you 
say you have running. After that all was the same as any scan and save. 
If you get to the end of a scan, it should pop up and say " no new 
channels found" or "X new channels found" and ask you if you want to 
save them. If you are not getting that there is somthing far wrong.Daft 
question, but you are scanning the right ports are you ? I have mine set 
up with 3 LNBs, one direct and one through a diseqc switch, so there are 
many options to scan the wrong card port/ wrong diseqc port etc.

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