[mythtv-users] Digital switchover channel confusion

Justin Hornsby justin0hornsby at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 06:53:05 UTC 2011

>Please be aware that I recently (~14 days) read that after the final 2012
>switchover we will all have *eight* muxes available, not six. I don't know what
>the mix of DVB-T/DVB-T2 is planned to be at that point.

*Eight* muxes?  Sob!  Why does anybody think we need MORE Freeview channels? :-(

I'm assuming it'll be for more channels - based on what they've done
so far it'd be foolish to assume
they're aiming to make picture quality comparable to analogue TV by
reducing the amount of channels per mux.

Where did the information about the extra muxes come from?  As far as
I knew, OFCOM were looking to sell off all the
old analogue spectrum which pretty much ruled out the possibility of
any extra DVB-T (or T2) muxes coming along unless
somebody was to pay (through the nose) for them.  I'm not even sure
the consultation for post-DSO spectrum use is
done with yet - the consulting period might be but AFAIK no decision
had been reached.

Maybe the pay TV crud is finally going to become separate from
Freeview at last.. I can only hope.

Anyway, the *main* point of my post was to stress that the
post-switchover Freeview DVB-T muxes will be 64QAM at 8k
and that folks need to be aware that dvb-apps scan utility may not
work if the initial tuning parameters haven't been updated
to take that into account :-)


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