[mythtv-users] HD-PVR Glitching Issues

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Wed Mar 30 21:32:48 UTC 2011

On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 4:33 PM, John P Poet <jppoet at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you compiling from source?  If so I have a patch you can try.  It does
> NOT solve the issue, but I think it *may* help reduce it.  Then again, it
> may do nothing -- I just may be a little luckier lately.
> I have the same problem even when just using "cat /dev/hdpvr0 > test.avi"
> outside of myth, so there may not be anything myth can do about it.  The
> problem has gotten noticeably worse for me, since upgrading to Fedora 14, so
> I am wondering what change there.  Did the driver change?  Did the scheduler
> change?  Is there more contention on the USB bus?

Running Daily Mythbuntu Builds.  No changes at all, the hardware has
been the same for
> At the same time, I can record many shows without a problem.  Once thought I
> have had: is it channel related?  In other words, do some stations have the
> problem worse than others?  Do some channels send out a "cleaner" signal?
>  If it is due to "cleanliness" of the signal, is a problem with video or
> audio or both?  I am convinced that some STBs have the problem *much* worse
> than others, which also indicates a "signal" problem.  Of course, one could
> blame the HD-PVR for not being more tolerant of "bad" signals.
> The HD-PVR also comes in a variety of hardware revisions.  I have a "rev c2"
> and a "rev e1".  I have not kept proper records, but I believe my c2 is
> slightly more prone to the problem than the e1.  But, like I said, it could
> just be luck of which unit tends to be used to record a given channel/show.
>  There are those that blame aging wall-warts for such problems.  If my c2
> does have the problem more than the e1, it could be because that wall-wart
> is older.
> For me, even with Fedora 14, the "glitch" /only/ happens a couple times an
> hour (at most) and usually does not happen at all.  But it is annoying when
> it does happen.
> John
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