[mythtv-users] Air Video and Mythfs FUSE Mount

Robert Longbottom rongblor at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 28 18:52:40 UTC 2011

On 28 Mar 2011, at 06:58 PM, jmk <jmk at foofus.net> wrote:

> On Mon, 2011-03-28 at 09:35 -0700, scram69 wrote:
>> It sounds like you are running the air video server on your Mac
>> serving content from your backend that your Mac accesses via the FUSE
>> mount (correct me if I've misunderstood).
>> I've been quite successful with an alternate approach - running the
>> Air Video server directly on my backend following
>> http://wiki.birth-online.de/know-how/hardware/apple-iphone/airvideo-server-linux
>> and using the latest server executable here:
>> http://www.inmethod.com/forum/posts/list/1856.page
>> Note: under Ubuntu 10.10, you no longer need the custom ffmpeg
>> I run a mythlink.pl cron job that creates links to the recorded shows
>> with nice titles for the iphone-
>> HTH,
>> Steve
> I've run it on my Mac in the past, but my goal here is to get the server
> running on my Linux Myth backend. I installed AirVideo from the PPA
> discussed here:
> http://blog.frameos.org/2011/02/08/installing-airvideo-linux-server-in-ubuntu/
> I have it working now with a mythlink directory. However, I'd prefer to
> use the FUSE mythfs.py script over mythlink to get realtime updates and
> not have to wait for the cron job to run. It just seems a cleaner
> approach to me. Unfortunately, AirVideo reports each recording as having
> an invalid stream when accessed through the mount. I'm not sure why it
> dislikes FUSE...
> Joe 

You could always set mythlink to run on the recording completed system event. There are instructions on the wiki. 

You still need a cron job to delete links when you delete recordings, but that can run less often then. 

I was playing with this setup over the weekend, but I haven't got as far as setting up the system events yet, but if you did then recordings should appear straight after they finish. 

The only other thing I've done is a minor modification to mythlink so that it doesn't link delete recordings, which was a pretty trivial change. 

I must have a go at getting air video server natively on Linux though as I currently have it running in a windows vm. 


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