[mythtv-users] F14, recent kernel upgrade, pvr250 lirc module not found

David Krainess davidkrainess at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 16:02:24 UTC 2011

> davidkrainess at yahoo wrote

> Any hints (can it be done?) on how to still use the RS 15-2116 (0081) 
> remote, irrecord doesn't seem to recognize it. Any help greatly 
> appreciated. 

OK, finally go a chance to look at this, here is some insight. 

Gray Hauppage Remote
Protocol RC5
Device 30

Jarod's old UEI (0081) remote setup
Protocol RC5
Device 5

I had assumed both remote setups were using the same device in my previous post. ir-kbd-i2c is probably more rigid in it's acceptance of RC5 signals than lirc_i2c was.  I am just going to reconfigure my 15-2116 remote to use the same device number as the Hauppage, and go from there.  I would rather use lirc than send keyboard scan codes.



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