[mythtv-users] Performance issue on 0.24-fixes - Playback stalls when a recording starts/ends

Martin Andersen ma2010.list at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 20:02:54 UTC 2011

2011/3/22 Johnny Walker <johnnyjboss at gmail.com>
> You can also use NFS mounts of your Storage Groups directories so that
> the physical paths are the same on the Frontend as the Backend and it
> increases performance. At least it does for my ION frontend with
> Triple Core backend. I believe the newer code will also autodetect if
> this has been done and not use myth:// streaming from the backend if
> it doesn't need it.

Yes, but this whole issue points toward some thread locking bug or
similar. While tweaking the setup or upgrading all of the hardware,
likely will be a potential workaround, it's not really the core of the
problem. It doesn't seem like there's any direct relation between the
load on the backend and the issue. I can stress the backend with all
kinds of non-MythTV stuff without any effect on the frontend playback,
but once the backend performs some minor action, the playback stalls
on the frontend.

At least one of the MythTV devs (Beirdo?) wrote on IRC that he had the
exact same issue, but just hasn't had the time to look at it yet.

> Also how much RAM is allocated to the ION chip? What sound device are
> you using and is it configured correctly?

Not really relevant here, AFAIK. This is not a frontend VDPAU/sound
playback issue, it's an issue where the backend apparently stalls
sending data to the frontend on certain events (or perhaps the other
way around, the frontend stalls receiving data).

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