[mythtv-users] [UK] DVB-S2 Tuning Problem (Five HD, Luxe TV HD)?

David Knight dlknight at sdf.lonestar.org
Mon Mar 21 17:06:38 UTC 2011

Does anyone else in the UK use DVB-S2 to view channels such as Five HD,
Luxe TV HD?

Since upgrading to Fedora 13 and Mythtv 0.24-fixes I seem to have lost the
ability to view these channels. I get a channel lock but then no data and
eventually Live TV exits and returns to the menu screen. Messages of
interest from the mythbackend.log are as follows:

DTVRec(32) Error: PES start code not found in TS packet with PUSI set

(repeated over 10 times)

I can tune and view DVB-S channels such as BBC HD and BBC ONE HD without


Dave K.

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