[mythtv-users] Multiple backends

Tony Lill ajlill at ajlc.waterloo.on.ca
Sun Mar 20 17:46:29 UTC 2011

Raymond Wagner <raymond at wagnerrp.com> writes:

> At current, the master backend requires a tuner card.  With no tuner 
> card, the backend will shutdown, complaining about a failed sanity check 
> in the scheduler.  This is planned to be resolved with 0.25 and the 

You may want to rephrase that as "there must be a tuner card defined
in the database". It doesn't even need to be on the master backend.

All he needs to do is build the VM, run mythtv-setup and make it a
slave backend. Then he copies the database to the VM, and change the
MasterServerIP in the settings table, then change mysql.txt and
config.xml on all the boxes in his mythtv setup. Now he has a
masterbackend that only does scheduling.

Changing the mysql.txt and config.xml may be unnecessary, as long as
he only has one master running on his network, upnp should find the
master regardless of the contents of the files.

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