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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 13:31:07 UTC 2011

On 17 March 2011 02:50, Spencer Herzberg <spencer.herzberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, is there a way to easily setup schedules for tuners? So that say Tuner A
> can't record anything from 5pm to 1am, and Tuner B from 10am to 12pm?
> My setup has my master backend in the bedroom and the hd receiver is hooked
> up to my tv through my hdpvr. We watch tv at night and the Miss doesn't like
> to use the Mythtv frontend for live tv (yet). If I could just schedule that
> tuner to not be available between 5pm and 1am, that would be a perfect fix
> until I can get her to use the mythtv frontend.


I'm interested in how many recordings you make outside of the 5pm-1am
window on the HD tuner, and how many tuners (and whether they're
SD/HD) you have in total.

My own rule is to leave MythTV to its own devices regarding
scheduling, and not futz around with removing tuners on an ad hoc
basis. I would strip data out of the listings feed if I was _sure_ I
never wanted any programming recorded in a particular time window, but
caveat that statement by again stating that I would always leave the
scheduler to work its magic where possible. If I wanted to be able to
use another tuner independently of MythTV, I'd make sure there was
always another tuner available.

> I have tried cron jobs with mythbackend --nosched but it seems that this
> will need to rebuild the recording schedules at the time the command is
> called which is not quite ideal. I want the tuner to not be available during
> certain time slots and this to be reflected in the "Upcoming Recordings"
> displays.

Without the scheduler having awareness for future tuner availability I
would opt for Simon (and David)'s suggestions here and make sure the
listings data for these time periods is not present. Without knowing
the innards of the scheduler, I am sure this would results in more
stable scheduling than disabling/locking tuners at the last minute. as
the scheduler would _always_ know that there is no chance programming
can be recorded at these times.


Nick Morrott

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