[mythtv-users] Off topic - can someone identify this connector please, I think it's US standard.

Mike McMullin mwmcmlln at mnsi.net
Fri Mar 18 05:09:14 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-03-17 at 20:49 +0000, Another Sillyname wrote:
> On the back of a HTPC I have an antenna input connector, in the image
> below it's circled in red.
> http://img820.imageshack.us/i/boxback.jpg/
> The connector is about F-Connector sized (perhaps slightly smaller)
> but has no thread so instead is a push-on.
> I've googled around but it's one of those stupid situations where if
> you don't know exactly what it's called you can't find one.......
> I'm looking to source a connector that will allow me to feed in a
> standard UK aerial feed (I'm happy to use an F-Connector adapter if
> needs be though).
> If someone could tell me exactly what the connector is called (i.e.
> SMA, Push On F-Connector, whatever.....rather then generic terms like
> mini co-axial which means different things to different people I'd be
> very grateful).

  Push-on F is probably the best bet when hitting the electronics store,
BTW, these were popular back in the old days of Timex Sinclair, the
monitors (Like the TI jobbers, had push on connectors, not screw on,)
IIRC early gaming consoles also had this unit provided as well.  I've
still got one, somewhere.

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