[mythtv-users] ITX Based Frontend Case

tim draper veehexx at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 18:21:42 UTC 2011

2 places i instantly go for ITX kit (UK based stores) http://linitx.com/
 and http://www.mini-itx.com/.
even if they wont ship to you, you might get some ideas for a case that can
be sourced locally.


On 17 March 2011 18:14, Tom Bongiorno <two.bits.11 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 2:07 PM, Tom Bongiorno <two.bits.11 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 1:41 PM, Jay Foster <jayf0ster at sbcglobal.net>wrote:
>>> I'm looking into building a frontend only system based on an ITX
>>> motherboard.  The issue I'm stumbling around with is which case to use.
>>>  I'd like one with provisions for an IR receiver for use with a remote
>>> control.  The cases that I have looked at have no provisions for this,
>>> except hanging an external one on the outside (not desirable).
>>> The one case that comes close is the OrigenAE M10, but it has an optical
>>> drive slot that I don't need, and is a bit pricey $329.00 (back
>>> ordered).  Other cases I've considered: Antec ISK-300, Minibox M350,
>>> Thermaltake SD100, Apex MI-008, Apevia X-Fit-200, Compucase ITX200A.
>>> Any recommendations?
>>> Jay
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>> Jay,
>> I would first say, make sure your heat sink and fan clears the top of the
>> case.
>> If you are passively cooling you HTPC, then you cannot beat
>> the ventilation of the Mini-box M350.  I use it on all my frontends.  You
>> can also hide an IR receiver in the front grill.
>> If you want the high gloss black look or don't like the look of the M350,
>> then I would consider the Apex MI-008.  It will give you some extra
>> clearance above the CPU to draw the heat, and it does not have a much larger
>> footprint.
>> -Tom
> Nix the Apex MI-008.  I didn't realize that the PSU is directly above the
> motherboard.
> If you are not using the included PSU, it may work.  How are you powering
> the board?
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