[mythtv-users] F14, recent kernel upgrade, pvr250 lirc module not found

Harry Orenstein holists at optonline.net
Tue Mar 15 03:33:40 UTC 2011

On Monday, March 14, 2011 12:03:53 pm David Krainess wrote:


> I am trying to understand "modprobe ir-kbd-i2c 1" makes the grey Hauppage
> remote work along with the statement in another thread that lirc_i2c is
> redundant of ir-kbd-i2c.  I cannot get the same functionality,  meaning,
> irrecord does not recognize key presses on my 15-2116 (0081) remote
> whereas it irrecord did on lirc_i2c.  I blindly guess "modprobe ir-kbd-i2c
> 1" was implemented in a way to match to the default devinput lircd.conf
> file get standardization.  Do I have this right?

Actually, it's 'modprobe ir-kbd-i2c hauppauge=1', but it's not necessary if 
you create a custom keymap.

> That being said (and I am not way off base), I have a jp1 enabled remote. 
> I am going to try to get the 15-2116 to use the same protocol and config
> as the Hauppage grey remote; I hope there are enough keys in the
> implementation to match the 15-2116.

Shouldn't be necessary.  As previously stated, create your own keymap.  The 
ir_rc5_decoder module should decode all RC-5 codes, it's mapping them to 
keycodes that's the issue.

> You mention that you don't use lirc, I assume you mean application
> integration of lirc, but you are using lirc to simulate keyboard strokes. 
> Using multiple lirc enabled applications, I prefer the application
> integration of lirc, rather than sending keystrokes.  This allows for
> easier remote functionality between those applications, IMHO.

No.  No lirc at all.  ir-kbd-i2c with RC-5 enabled as the protocol will allow 
you to pass keycodes directly to the OS (or any application) without running 
an lirc daemon.  With the proper keymap I just emulate all "normal" key 
presses as if the remote is a keyboard.  So "p" is play, "i" is info, "enter" 
is select, "m" is menu, etc.  See the keymap file I previously posted.  If you 
download and compile v4l-utils (since the package is not available for F14) 
you can set a custom keymap and the remote should send the correct keys.  This 
assumes you set the non-standard IR codes I have on my remote, but at least 
the number keys should work without making any changes.  I could probably dig 
up the others I use if I needed to.  Or you could use the defaults and
'ir-keytable -t' to see what scancodes are sent by the default IR codes for 

> I have read many of the threads on this, I hope this thread helps others
> out as tthey work through this change.

Me too!  ;-)
> Regards


-- Harry O.

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