[mythtv-users] extemporaneous record selection of viewed(ing) program

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Mon Mar 14 00:04:38 UTC 2011

On 3/13/2011 19:49, Stuart Harden wrote:
> When watching a program which I then decide to record, no matter what
> method I use to select "record", the program only plays from the time
> in the broadcast at which I selected record, even though I have been
> viewing the program since its' beginning.

When you are using LiveTV, you are recording straight to disk.  If you 
change channels, or a new show comes on as per the guide data, MythTV 
switches to a new file, and records that to disk as well.  These files 
are kept around for around a day, or until you need to free up space on 
your hard drive for more recordings, which ever comes first.  When you 
hit the 'record' button, MythTV marks that file as a scheduled 
recording, and will not delete it with the rest of the LiveTV session.  
The behavior you are claiming is probably due to MythTV setting a 
bookmark at the point you hit record, so each subsequent playback is 
starting at that point.  Just remove the bookmark, and start playback 
from the beginning of the file.

> I sincerely do not recall if this was an issue with standard release
> as I have been using dev repositories for some time now...

MythTV 0.24 is a stable release and v0.24-210-g40fc454 is from the 
stable release branch.  There is nothing developmental about anything 
you're running.

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