[mythtv-users] Build for dual HD recordings - also is PSU enough/too much

Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Mar 13 04:06:42 UTC 2011

On 2011-03-12, at 14:27, Digital Hit Entertainment <dhenews at hotmail.com> wrote:

> > The only thing I'd consider is getting two hard disks instead of just
> > the single 1TB one. Get a fast disk for the OS and database, and a
> > big disk (speed not critical) that you can dedicate to recordings. I
> > am using a 2TB WD "Green" drive dedicated for recordings and a Seagate
> > 7200rpm disk for OS/database/networked storage. This is recommended
> > to reduce contention between recording and database access. Also, 1TB
> > tends to fill rather fast -- my 2TB is already full.
> Thanks for the suggestion. Is a 300+GB ok for the OS/database/networked storage?

Should have read the thread before adding a 'me too' posting!
You only need about 20G for the OS drive. I ran off a 16G USB memory stick for a while. Present setup uses 30g of an 80 G drive (ex-laptop) with 50g for music. The database is 130M after 4 years. 
The 120G SSD I bought for the mythbox got diverted to the laptop!
20G fedora 14
5g /home
5g /var
No swap (4g ram)
/var/lib/mysql is a symlink to /home/mysql
All ext4 except /video (the 1T hd) which is xfs with alloc=512M

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