[mythtv-users] [OT] Western Digital buying Hitachi

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Thu Mar 10 16:51:46 UTC 2011

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> From: "John Drescher" <drescherjm at gmail.com>

> > It shouldn't make it work any worse. The extra space will just go
> > unused
> > until all the drives in the array are the same size, and you can
> > resize the
> > array accordingly. At least, that's how it goes with LSI MegaRAID
> > 300-8x and
> > it should work the same with md. Anything else, YMMV, I suppose.
> That is how it goes with linux software raid as well. I know because I
> manage 12 to 15 linux software raid5/6 arrays.

Ah.  I'd gathered that geometrical differences amongst the drives caused
inefficiency; I guess that only happens on RAIDs with spindle sync.

-- jra

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