[mythtv-users] frontend, what works?

Alex Tomlins alex at tomlins.org.uk
Mon Mar 7 19:49:21 UTC 2011

On 04/03/11 23:36, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 3/3/2011 09:50,jason at wkrp.com  wrote:
>> My dedicated front end is a big old full tower box running MythBuntu
>> and I'm just tired of it's size.  I've read a bit about the Nvida ION
>> and it sounds like the way to go.  I just don't want to fall into
>> buying the wrong thing and having a mess on my hands.  I'd like a
>> recomendation on either what motherboard to buy or one of the
>> barebones setup.  I'll probably use just a regular hard drive in it or
>> maybe NFS boot.
>> I use the front end solely for a front end - no encoding / other
>> work.  No HD video yet but having that as an option would be ideal.  I
>> do play various encoded videos on it H.264 mostly some divx (TV shows
>> I've converted over the years).
>> I just need to be pointed in the right direction with something that
>> has had a good success rate.
> Check out...http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Choosing_Frontend_Hardware
> Note that while most of the responses in here tend to be centered around
> the ION platform, there are several more of us who are a bit jaded of
> hardware decoding.  VDPAU is great when it works, and it works most of
> the time, however being an ASIC, it is limited to certain tasks.  Some
> codecs cannot be used at all.  Some settings for supported codecs will
> not work.  Stream errors may cause problems.  It's always preferable to
> have a worthwhile CPU to fall back on should you need it.
I came across this Ion system that comes with a Celeron CPU instead of 
an Atom:


Having said that, I'm not sure how much of a set up from an Atom that 

Any thoughts?


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