[mythtv-users] Feature suggestion: Allow selection of named variants for each user job.

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Sun Jun 26 10:48:46 UTC 2011


I just added this feature request to the wiki:

Allow selection of named variants for each user job. E.g., I have
an archiving script that I run as a user job. It has six variants
"Interlaced", "Progressive", "720p from Interlaced", "720p from
Progressive", "SD from Interlaced" and "SD from Progressive". I'd
like MythTv to offer the choice of which variant each time I select
the job. MythTv doesn't need to know what they mean. It just needs
to know the list of variant names, so that it can offer them in a
menu. We could have just one more field in the setup of each user job.
That could be a comma separated list of the variant names. When the
job was run %VARIANT% could be setup by mythtv with the name of the
chosen variant, so that the script can determine its behaviour on
that basis.

Anyone else think this might be useful, or perhaps is there some
obvious way to achieve the same effect with existing features,
which I've missed.

If someone could start me off by pointing out the write places
in the code base to work, I might be able to implement it myself
- assuming it is something that would be accepted.


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