[mythtv-users] OT UK Have the BBC moved over to 1920x1088?

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Thu Jun 23 18:17:26 UTC 2011

On 23 Jun 2011, at 18:35, Paul Gardiner wrote:

> 4:00am Mon 13th's showing of A Little Later was in 1920x1088,
> rather than the usual 1440x1088. I discovered this when I

Only temporarily, or so they say, seems they need 1920 for the 3D tennis, it's side by side encoded so you only get 960 per eye.


it's bit rate has gone up a little and some shows look significantly better, others no different.

> attempted to transcode a section of it and got a picture
> that rolled madly. I haven't checked any other recent
> recordings, but may be this is an example of things
> to come.
> Paul.
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