[mythtv-users] how do I change max recordings?

Per Kofod per.s.kofod at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 15:01:34 UTC 2011

On 06/21/2011 04:12 PM, Jim Morton wrote:
> On 6/21/2011 9:43 AM, Per Kofod wrote:
>> Hi
>> On my newly installed mythology HTPC box I have run into a problem:
>> I have the box configured with 4 tuners (2 internal DVB-C PCI tuner cards,
>> and a HDHOMERUN box with 2 tuners) I have configured max simultaneous
>> jobs to 4; but if I try to schedule recordings, so I at one point have 3
>> recordings
>> at the same time, I get a conflict marking.
>> I have not been able to find a setting for max simultaneous recordings
>> anywhere.
>> Is this a hard limit somewhere in mythTV, or are there a place where I
>> can change
>> this?
>> I have no need to use this box for Live TV; but would be able to be able
>> to record
>> from 4 tuners at the same time, the hardware should be powerful enough
>> to handle
>> this, as there is not much processing needed for a DVB channel.
>> Per
> The only limit is the number of available tuners. What is the source for
> the HDHR? and the DVB tuners?
> Go back to your input, source and channel configurations. Sounds like
> you might have something set wrong.
> Or this might be normal. For example I have 2 HDHRs with OTA as the
> source. They are defined as 8 tuners so I can record 8 OTA programs. I
> also have 2 HDPVRs with satellite as the source. So I can also record up
> to 2 programs on a satellite channels. So there are 10 tuners defined
> yet I still have hard limits of 8 for OTA and 2 for satellite. Make sense?
That is strange I have a setting of max recordings of 2 on each tuner, 
so first
PCI tuner card is Tuner 1 and 2. The second tuner card is tuner 3 and 4, the
first homerun tuner is 5 and 6 and the second homerun tuner is 7 and 8.

Yes I have set up two sources, one for the PCU cards and one for the homerun
box. They are connected to the same cable connection; but due to the 
in the way the frequencies are set up, the homerun tuners complained if 
to the same source as the PCI tuners. But in the channel listing I have 
only one entry
for each channel, so I thought that they identified the program by ID. 
Actually if I
select a program for recording, it selects tuner 1 first, than tuner 3, 
if I select live
TV it selects tuner 8. So the first recording I select goes to tuner 1, 
the second to
tuner 3, and when I try to select a third recording at the same time I 
get a conflict,
and even if I select prefered tuner as 6 for that program, it still 
tells me, that that
program will not be recorded as I have a conflict.

Btw I have installed latest version of mythbuntu with mythtv 0.24, 
aparently I need
to manually compile it if I want 0.24.1 or 0.25.

Should I really change the channel numbers to have two entries for each 
and manually split recordings between tuners, I had hoped, that mythtv 
would take
care of that.


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