[mythtv-users] Years of stuttering - prebuffering pauses and now waiting for video buffers

Joe Hickey jfwd at phlobus.net
Mon Jun 20 14:53:51 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Alex Masidlover
<amasidlover at alex-masidlover.co.uk> wrote:
> 2010-11-29 21:23:55.189 NVP(2): prebuffering pause
> 2010-11-29 21:23:55.691
> RingBuf(myth:// Waited 1.0
> seconds for data to become available...
> They are connected with 100-BaseTX networking with 2x 'dumb' switches in
> between them.
> So I have 3 questions:
> 1) Can I accurately diagnose the cause of the stuttering somehow?
> 2) If I can't then what upgrades/changes would make most sense to try
> and cure it?
> 3) Does anyone have a fully working separate backend/fronted system with
> multiple DVB-S or DVB-T tuners that has a silent frontend and doesn't
> stutter - if so can they let me know the configuration of it?

I run a separate front end/multi-tuner back end for years - have for
years - no stuttering issues.  However my video sources are US OTA HD,
not sure how the bit rates compare to your sources.

At any rate - if I were you I'd focus on the network.  When you say
'dumb' switches, as long as they are _actual_ switches and not hubs it
should be OK if it is 100mb full duplex.  Perhaps one of your cables
is slightly defective or has a bad connection causing occasional
dropped packets, or the switch itself sees the link briefly drop and
come back, or there is some source of interference causing occasional
dropped packets.

You could try temporarily moving your FE next to your  BE and
connecting them with a crossover cable and playing a recording that
normally stutters.  Or run a fast ping (using -i w/low number, like
0.01) and let it run for several hours - should be no drops on a local

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