[mythtv-users] find_orphans.py won't delete files

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Sun Jun 19 18:41:26 UTC 2011

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> From: "Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>

> Are your recording files stored on a CIFS/SMB network mount? The error,
> "eno: Text file busy (26)", sounds a lot like the Windows, "only one
> user can touch a file at a time," design (flaw?).

No, that error has a very specific cause, and is -- assuming the error 
number is actually correct -- only supposed to happen in one circumstance:

It has to do with a compilation option you can set on a binary that makes 
the "text segment" be cleanly separated from any related initialized data.

Programs which are compiled this way don't need to be written to the swap/
page file when you run out of RAM, cause the system can reload the pages 
*from the filesystem*.  Obviously, when a binary program goes on the kernel's
critical path like that, you don't want people messing with it, so writes to
that file will get that error.

If you get it in the running of a normal packaged end-user app, you've
almost certainly horked a config file somewhere. 

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