[mythtv-users] Random missed recordings

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 12:52:12 UTC 2011

Well, I figure I'd post an update.

I opened a ticket with SiliconDust and they too think the unit is on
it's way out. I could have gotten a refurb for $65 but they also
offered a new HDHD3 with a full 1 year warranty for $99 so I think I'm
going to for that option!

Of course I have to ship the dead one back to them on my own buck
(good thing I get a HUGE FedEx discount at work) and wait 10-14 days
(<sigh> back to Live TV) but I think it will be best in the end. The
HDHR3 is supposed to have a better (more sensitive?) tuner and better
demodulator and I no longer need the splitter as it does it


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