[mythtv-users] mythtranscode option

Robert Houghton robbadler at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 21:22:24 UTC 2011

I checked the community wiki and haven't found an answer to my question, so
I'll try you all:

Is it possible to have the pre-transcode *.old files be conditionally
deleted or kept instead of a universal flag set in mythtv-setup?

I have some shows that I like to keep the .old files around in case
commercial detection botches the job and cuts out parts of the program I
care about. Others, (the girlfriend's soap operas) neither she nor I care
about missing a few minutes around the edges. So I would like to set this
keeping of pre-transcode files as an option to the show's automatic jobs. I
know I could probably write a script to do this myself, and have a
"transcode keep" or "transcode replace" per show, but I think having this be
part of myth is a better solution.

So, any clues?
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