[mythtv-users] Remove a dead slave backend server

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at pobox.com
Tue Jun 14 11:25:45 UTC 2011

I've looked through a chain of emails on this topic from 2009 but the suggested fix has not resolved my issue.  The problem I am experiencing is perhaps subtly different.  I don't use a frontend in normal operation as I have a TV with DLNA support and I only ever use uPNP to watch media.  I also don't have a capture card so have a demo test recorder configured just to get mythtv to run.

When I do run the frontend I typically only use it to trigger an update of the database of media filed on the disk by going to Video Manager, pressing 'M' and selecting Scan.  I've found I need to do this to keep MythWeb up to date with changes to the media library.

I've been having problems with this setup in that I didn't know how to get the scan to run so I built another Myth server under VMWare ( works beautifully by the way ) with the same set of constraints and used it to learn how to update the database.  Well, in my fumbling around I have inadvertently created an entry in the master backend for this test server and now whenever I request a media update scan it fails half way through with a pop-up about 'failing to scan SG on server ...' and the following message in the log:

MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory Scanning Group (myth://Videos@server/path/to/videos/)
Backend : server : Is currently Unreachable.  Skipping this one.
MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory failed to scan server
Failed to scan :myth://Video@server/path/to/videos/:
And then some stuff about updating records that shows up every time, for the same files reardgess.

I do intend to use a frontend at some point in the future, but it will not be the one from the VMWare image I created.

Does anyone have any advice about weeding it out from the database ( I am not SQL literate )

As I currently don't use the frontend, I'm also not making use of any of the metadata so don't mind losing it if the easiest fix is to re-initialise the database from scratch following the installation guide.

In case its relevant the system is Fedora 12 and the version of Myth installed currently is 0.24.1-274.fc12.x86_64

Greg Ewing

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