[mythtv-users] BBC HD mux switching to DVBS2 - progress

OneBob onebob at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 11:14:32 UTC 2011

Hi Wayne

I followed Andre's advice and started a full scan from the BBC settings:
> Freq: 10847000
> Polarity: Vertical
> Symbol rate: 23000000
> Mod Sys: DVB-S2
> FEC: 8/9
> Modulation: QPSK
> Inversion: leave at auto
> Rolloff: leave at 0.35
I did end up with extra 'channel id' entries for BBC HD & One and also ITV
HD but after accepting them in the scan I deleted them via mythweb plus got
4HD into the bargain!

Hope this helps!

OT: has anyone got a good Linux way to create a blu-ray of the recorded file
(mpg) from BBC HD, I just don't have time to keep trying different converts
(one I tried took 20 hours on a reasonable machine and is so high quality
myth can't play it without stuttering! - although vlc's OK).

For what they cost I might as well just create a proper blu-ray with a
simple menu and the full mpg instead of trying to save hard disk space....?

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