[mythtv-users] MythTV always fo change channel in LiveTV

Glenn Sommer glemsom at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 10:54:45 UTC 2011

I have a setup with a frontend NFS mounting the server.

fstab on the frontend looks like this:
mediecenter:/exports/storage   /mnt/storage      nfs    intr,sync
mediecenter:/exports/mythtv   /mnt/mythtv      nfs    intr,sync

exports on the server looks like this:

Now, when-ever I enter LiveTV - the initial channel always works as
expected. But, MythTV always fails to change channel.

A log from the INITIAL tune: http://pastebin.com/eBEsv2mp
A log from the channel change: http://pastebin.com/pdKbRinH

Notice the frontend expects the mpeg file to be present from the
start(when changing channel)... It does NOT wait for data being put
into the file first. (meaning it cannot fill the buffer).

As a workaround, I tried unmounting (thereby forcing the frontend to
stream from the backend)... This fixed the issue - and the frontend
will correctly wait for data.

So, anyone know what could be causing the frontend to never wait for
data when changing channel?
Anyone know of there's an option to FORCE streaming from the backend
(as we had in 0.23) ?

Kind Regards

Glenn Sommer

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