[mythtv-users] Missing --passthrough option in mythtranscode

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:01:28 UTC 2011


On 6 June 2011 20:41, Paul Gardiner <lists at glidos.net> wrote:

> Thanks for reply. Are not timestamps lost in fifo mode in any case? I
> assume in fifo mode, mythtranscode has to make sure it generates exactly
> the right number of audio sample to match the number of frames it puts
> out, dropping from or inserting to one of the other to keep sync, in the
> case there is a temporary fault in the stream. That must be possible
> because presumably a player has to do the same thing, and in fifo
> mode, mythtranscode is more or less playing the movie to the pipes. I
> don't know much about ac3 etc., but imagined the same was possible
> by counting packets.

In Fifo mode you end up with two separates, independent stream: one
video, one audio...

The player, on the contrary keeps also the timestamps so it can
recover when there's a fault in the stream etc..

I don't know how fifo can do that.

mythtranscode does have the information available, but it's just not
exported anywhere...

> Having said that, when I first tried fifo mode the other day, I was
> expecting sync problems, but - once updated to 0.24.1 to get your
> nice fixes - I didn't: I seem to be getting perfect sync and
> frame-accurate cutting. I guess that may be just because the recordings
> I'm working from have no drop outs.
> In any case, it sounds like I should give your backport 0.24
> branch a go. I'll report back.

interested to know how it will go...

let me know

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