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Fri Jun 3 14:06:31 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 12:09 AM, Jarod Wilson <jarod at wilsonet.com> wrote:

> On Jun 2, 2011, at 11:10 AM, lists.md301 wrote:
> > I'm happy with the keymapping I created.  A good re-learning experience.
>  You are right that such things end up being a personal preference.  Wasn't
> too difficult to do.  And with using the remote as a devinput device, I
> noticed (obviously) that key presses also show up on a console/terminal
> window.  At least the up arrow, as I was able to bring up the mythfrontend
> text on the xterm CLI with it.
> Um... If you can use the remote in an xterm, then lircd isn't bound to it.
> When
> it is, lircd takes exclusive control of the device, and the native input
> presses
> are consumed by lircd and converted into lirc keys...

Okay then!  My memory of my debug timeline is a jumble, trying many
different things.  With your correction, I believe this was before I had
lirc 0.9 up and running correctly--no lirc was running, but I knew the
remote was being "seen" by the kernel driver.

I know that my lirc daemon is using the devinput event device soft link,
specified in the conf.d/config file.  It's easy enough to change it the more
universal dev/lircd0 device and see/verify that it also works.  Better for
future migration/support.

>  > One final comment/question:  part of the reason I ended up using the
> Fintek as a devinput device is that I was unsure as to what device to
> compile/select in lirc 9.0 to work with it, for the /dev/lirc0 interface.  I
> didn't see anything in the documentation available, realizing that doc often
> lags functionality.  I was under the impression that choosing an MCE USB
> would NOT work (since that would select the wrong kernel driver), and I
> thought my debug testing proved that, but I may have been trying that with
> 0.8.7 which would not have been aware of the newest drivers.  Maybe choosing
> NOTHING is the correct option?  If you could clarify that a bit more, it
> might be helpful to others.  Haven't had time to retrace my steps to test
> whether my /dev/lirc0 would work now that I have 0.9.0 installed, given the
> correct lircd.conf file (but which one?).
> I should really add a new target to setup.sh in the lirc source for "my
> kernel
> provides the drivers I need" or something. I usually skip setup.sh and use
> configure
> directly, with --with-driver=userspace, which actually builds a
> universal-ish lircd
> that has support for all possible userspace and kernelspace drivers. If you
> only
> want support for /dev/lircX, you want --with-driver=default, I believe.
Thanks for the explanation.  For my own usage, I'll have to see how this
corresponds to what's in the Gentoo overlay ebuild.  Easy enough to modify
if need be.
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