[mythtv-users] H.264 Encoder Card (HD-PVR) option not available in MythTV 0.24-1

Chris Payne chrisgpayne at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 23:26:34 UTC 2011

Hi All-

I was working on migrating our MythTV setup from an iptv based system (on
Sasktel) to a system using a Hauppauge HD-PVR (or at least testing it). All
was going OK, fresh Fedora 15 install with MythTV rpms from ATRPMS repo,
database restore to preserve the existing recordings etc. I even tested the
HD-PVR as described in the howto and it is working fine. However, when I get
to the part about adding a tuner, ie here:


In my setup there is no option for an "H.264 Encoder Card (HD-PVR)" capture
card. The options I do have are:

DVB DTV Capture card (v3.x)
FireWire cable box
HDHomeRun DTV tuner box
Network Recorder
Import test recorder
Demo test recorder

I don't see any rpms which look like the missing piece, and google can't
seem to find anything about this issue.

I realize Fedora 15 is pretty spanky new, has anyone got this to work?Am I
missing something obvious?

Fedora 15 fully updated
mythtv-0.24.1-273.fc15.i686 (etc)

Thanks in advance
chrisgpayne at gmail.com
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