[mythtv-users] Backend setup for win-hvr-950Q

Barry Fawthrop barry at trumpetsoftruth.com
Sat Jul 30 03:33:35 UTC 2011

On 07/29/2011 09:07 PM, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Jul 2011 19:40:42 -0400, Barry Fawthrop
> <barry at trumpetsoftruth.com>  wrote:
>> Okay Card Type:  DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)
>> It auto selects
>> DVB device number:  /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
>> But then Under Scan Configuration
>> input:    [DVB: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0] (Television)
>> Scan Type:   failed to open the card
>> So it won't scan
> Please do not top post on this mailing list.
> If your digital tuner fails to open, that means some other application
> already has the card open and in use.  Only one application is allowed to
> access an input at once.
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Okay firstly,  sorry about top posting  my mistake and I'm sorry
I have only one computer so my frontend is by backend and  I simply want 
to watch and record TV shows
tvtime works right out of the box (so to speak)  I see in the .xml it 
created it has us-cable
Now here is What I have set
2) Capture Care Setup
       Card type:  DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)
       DVB device number:    /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0       (btw:  I 
have chmod the /dev/dvb  to my username)
       Frontend ID:    could not get card info for card  /dev/d...   
subtype:  Unknown error
       Signal timeout (ms):     1000
       Tuning timout (ms):       3000
       Recording Options:
                    Max recording:    1   (defaults to 2)
                    (Check)  wait for SEQ start header
                    (    )  Open DVB card on demand
                    (Check)  Use DVB card for active EIT scan
                    DVB tuning delay (ms):      0

3) Video Source Setup
          Listing grabber   North America  (SchedulesDirect.org)  (Internal)
          (Check)  Perform EIT scan
          Channel frequency table:     us-cable

4)  Input connections
        [DVB: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0] (Television)  ->  default
        Connect Source to Input
         Capture device:     [DVB: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0]
         Input:                  Television
         Video source:     default
          Use quick tuning:    Never
          Scan for channels
                   Scan configuration
                   Video Source:   default
                   Input:      [DVB: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0] 
                   Desired Services:  TV
                   (Check) Unencrypted Only
                   Scan type:   Failed to open the card
                   Failed to open the card

This is my current mythtv-setup  or backend settings
again sorry for the posting mistake,  and thank you for all your support

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