[mythtv-users] Need help - audio shows in ubuntu mixer, records with Sound Recorder, but does not work in mythtv

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Tue Jul 26 11:55:43 UTC 2011

On 7/26/2011 05:47, David Watkins wrote:
> On 26 July 2011 03:21, James<virtue at rocketmonkeys.com>  wrote:
>>> Having to record off a separate sound card from your tuner is pretty rare.
>>> What is your tuner card?
>> I've got a hauppauge 950q which does have onboard USB audio-in.
>> However, if I connect the audio the 950q's RCA inputs I get no audio
>> in mythtv but also no audio in ubuntu/pulseaudio mixer.  So I started
>> trying the onboard audio, since I can at least use the Sound Recorder
>> (and arecord) programs with that.  If I could get the 950q's audio in
>> working, I'd just use that instead.
> Framegrabbing capture cards generally use a soundcard input for audio,
> and software encode the audio and video into an mpeg file.
> A hardware encoder (like the 950q) needs access to both the audio and
> video in order to encode them into the recording.

Any recent framegrabbing card generally has its own capture hardware for 
audio.  It's generally only very old cards that only do passthrough 
audio to a sound card.  The 950q is not a hardware encoder.  It is a 

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