[mythtv-users] MythMusic: Current Playlist (Something is wrong)

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Sun Jul 24 11:40:23 UTC 2011

I recently had problems with mythmusic which were eventually tracked 
down to the "MusicLocation" record missing from the settings table in 

However, since then I had been unable to access the Playlist properly 
(MythMusic > Play Music > "3" > Playlist). The current playlist would be 
shown as "Current Playlist (Something is wrong)". Pressing the menu (M) 
key would crash MythTV and take me back to mythwelcome. I use 
mythwelcome for auto shutdown & restart reasons.

I couldn't see anything that made sense to me in the log files, but did 
notice that the mythwelcome.log was huge, about 12M. It contained 
several weeks worth of information.

Out of interest I deleted the mythwelcome.log and rebooted.

MythMusic now behaves and the "Something is wrong" message is gone.

Coincidence or is this by design? If by design, why would the a log file 
stop the program from functioning properly?


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