[mythtv-users] Help - Lirc broken after upgrade to 0.9.0

Duncan Brown mythtv at duncb.co.uk
Sat Jul 23 16:02:45 UTC 2011

On 23/07/2011 15:07, Eric Sharkey wrote:
> I don't use emerge or Gentoo, so I can't speak to that. The driver 
> that an mceusb receiver needs to use is called "default". You should 
> be able to run: lircd --driver=list to get a list of supported drivers 
> for your compiled lircd. You won't see mceusb there, but you must see 
> "default" if you want this to work. That's the driver you need to use. 
> If you don't see that, you'll need to recompile with appropriate 
> options to get that driver enabled. Eric 
> ______________________________________________
Are you sure about that?

Not sure if its just because I'm using the media_build drivers, but I 
have to use devinput for my mceusb receiver

In fact if I start lirc with default set, it wont start and suggests I 
should be using devinput..


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